Learning at Bloom

Welcome to Bloom Preschool, a kindergarten-readiness program for children ages 2-1/2 to 6, where students may enjoy a balanced program including daily academic lessons and social playtime!
Your child will benefit not only from the thoughtful teachings of an experienced kindergarten teacher, but also from the opportunity to cooperatively learn alongside students of the same age. Your little one will have daily opportunities for playful interactions with their peers. This free time allows your child to explore the concepts from today’s lessons through different themes in learning (such as exploring areas for dramatic play, building blocks, science, art, writing, and math).
Students who will be going into Kindergarten the following year will master math skills of counting, numbering objects and identifying and writing numbers while investigating such math concepts as [identifying and creating] patterns, [naming] shapes and their attributes, collecting and sorting, measuring, creating and interpreting graphs, and making connections about purposes for counting.
These students will be equipped with beginning reading strategies such as recognizing their letters with automaticity, naming letter sounds, rhyming, identifying a word’s beginning sound, segmenting a word into its different sounds and soon blending letters together to read. Alongside the reading skills, writing skills will be cultivated.  Students will be confident in writing letters, numbers, and their name, and eager to sound-spell phrases and sentences. You can be sure that your child will enter Kindergarten with a mind fully prepared for the learning and a heart happy to be in school!